How many days / weeks is ideal for your training?  Is it all day every day for 5 days? 10 days? etc...?  My goal is to stay in a country three to five weeks.  One to two days is ideal for each training location. It is approximately one hour of classroom time and six hours in the field per group in a location. 

How many people can participate in the training in one location?  The ideal amount of trainees could be up to ten but no more than fifteen.

What is their expense?  Per person or trainee?  There is no expense for the trainee.  My request is that my host pastor pick up the local transportation expenses and housing expense.  I will pay for my way to the particular countries and pay a meal allowance per day.

Will they be given any resources during and/or after the training?  Training packets, tracts and decision cards will be provided for each training group/church group.  These will either be in English or Spanish.  The language of preference will need to be communicated to BQIM. BQIM will send a pdf file to each pastor with this information included. Tracts and decision cards will have the local church information on them so the local church can follow up with the new believer.

What do you need the local teams to do in advance before you come? English is the preferred language for this training.  However, if an interpreter is needed, the cost will be incurred by the host. The host pastor will gather and locate other churches to get the training.  Notify BQIM of their choice of language.  Provide Church names, contact person, Church address, Church websites and phone numbers of the Churches that are signed up for the training.